Mise à jour de Mai – SGS Winter War

Durant la première semaine de mai nous avons travaillé sur les premiers retours concernant les bugs et changements souhaités par ceux d’entre vous jouant à Winter War.

Changelog (version anglaise)


  • Reinforcement cards now fixed (before the units announced has entering were not always present)
  • Some events in small scenarios were locking the game (as they expected action outside of playable aereas).


  • Added new terrains in the north and south of Finland to better represent the development level of the regions, especially on military operations: in short, stacking and supply will be much limited in the north (above Lake Ladoga and northeast generally), while slightly improved in the south and on the Karelian isthmus.
  • Supply range from depots and cities is shortened from 4 to 3 regions.
  • Most Finnish ski troops and Jaegers can now ambush.
  • Breakthrough and Pursuit now occurs in forested and marshy terrains, to the benefit of Finnish small units. This will give the Finns a superior mobility and better options for encirclement operations (i.e. Motti)
  • Automatic reinforcement of mines and obstacles simplified: you now don’t need to select the units (the game does it for you), you just select the location.
  • Finns get +1 extra replacement each turn, as they have more numerous troops (but smaller and weaker) and the engine did not allow them to cope with losses due to this.