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SGS Afrika Korps - Tunisia (end of september 2021)
Beta test 95%
SGS Fall Weiss (end 2021)
Map, cards, events, campaign and graphics done, alpha testing started 75%
SGS Heia Safari (end 2021)
Beta complete, testing started, missing extra scenarios 85%
SGS Taïpings (end 2021)
Map, cards, events, campaign and graphics done, alpha testing started 70%
SGS Indochina (2023)
Units graphics, OOB 15%

What is the Strategy Game Studio (SGS)

The Strategy Game Studio (SGS) has been founded by Philippe THIBAUT (see bio below) and other veteran wargame players and designers. They have acquired a license to the source code of a digital game named Wars Across the World (WAW) which gave them access to most base functions for a strategic and operational (not tactical) wargame engine. Most key aspects of that engine were extensively and widely modified, as well as a great number of graphics and UI elements.

The goal is to create a generic but flexible tool, complete with code and game editor, to allow the design and production of games, with a focus on the history years from 1850 and later.
The first game made with the engine, to try the ideas and concept with a real subject, is called Winter War, and covers the Soviet-Finnish war of 1939-1940. The second game is Afrika Korps. One World War 2 game is in the production pipeline (see The Games) and other titles on previous (or later) moments of history are in the plans.

Each game will come as a separate product, because it has its own map, different scenarios and a large enough content to be a complete standalone product.

Philippe THIBAUT is the well known designer of the famous boardgame EUROPA UNIVERSALIS and many other board and digital games (including the Ageod games).


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