SGS NATO’s Nightmare : Late May Update


  • The first small scenario, FAR 85, which takes place in the area of Munich is finally here!

Warning, it is very different from the campaign and intermediate scenarios! It is fast, very brutal and on a very small piece of map! But it also requires making crucial choices. Big challenge in player against player!


  • Fixed several small bugs including one that prevented Pact units from attacking NATO SAM sites;
  • Checked several cards that seemed to have no effect;
  • Fixed air units arriving as reinforcements in ground unit stacks.


  • Adjusted the level of the nuclear tension index which gives automatic victory to NATO (the level goes from 120 to 140);
  • Added a popup that indicates to the Pact that NATO has chosen to destroy bridges and roads at the start of the game;
  • Breakthroughs paradoxically put the Pact at a disadvantage; they are no longer possible for the moment.