SGS NATO’s Nightmare : first game update

We shall make more additions in content and various other game elements in the coming weeks. Thanks for your support and attention!

Rebalancing the ground-to-air capabilities of several Warsaw Pact units (basic and advanced game)
Increased the stacking value of largest NATO air units
Small reduction in air stacking limit for all sides
Added an extra round in the battle phase (short-range fire from divisions and some other Warsaw Pact units)
Added an extra round in the battle phase (breaching forward operational detachments/first echelon units considered to have many KMT kits and dozer blades)
Graphical modification : all division counters are now more easily visible on the map and in stacks

Also, we corrected a performance problem linked to the display of a large number of cards (FPS rate improved threefold). That should make your game experience more fluid.

Fixed a card that caused the number of victory points to jump when playing said card
Fixed an error where air units would arrive as reinforcements stacked with ground units giving the impression that stack movement was blocked
Update of scenario sheets with information on the nuclear tension index