SGS Spain at War is a complete standalone game that covers the Spanish Civil war from July 1936 to April 1939.

SGS Spain at War

The game covers the whole war from 18th July ’36, using a system of weekly turns. As the Nationalist you have to bring to the Peninsula your powerful units of the Africa’s army and take control of the key cities to force the Republic to surrender. As the Republican player you must delay the initial progress of the enemy and meanwhile start building the Popular Army in order to be ready to face your opponent’s regualr army, and in particulars its veteran units.

Spain at War is a very detailed game where you can find every single unit that took part in the conflict, Falangist and Carlist militias, each unit of the Africa’s Army, dozens of Republican militia units, the Italian aerial squadrons with their historical names and images, all the warships of both side, the International Brigades battalions, Basque, Asturian or Catalan units, Anarchists militia units, the Soviet T-26, I-15 Chatos and I-16 Moscas, the Bf109 of the Kondor Legion and much more!

The players have to use wisely their industrial capacity to spent their resources in new units or in replacements for weakened units to avoid their destruction. But it is not possible to rebuild every lost unit or to replace it, like the case of ships or elite units (e.g. Legion). Cards play also a key role in the game as they bring some variation in the different fields, such as reinforcements, economics, diplomacy, politics, popular support and, above all, combats.
The player will also find in the game nice historial events that bring ‘chrome’ to the game and helps you to feel the historical moment represented.

The knowledge, experience and background of the designer of España:1936 and Battles for Spain, Miguel Santacruz, has been essential in creating and supporting the development of this game. A lot of bibliography and data was collected to support the research needed to develop this game so that it feels accurate.

The game will contain a grand campaign scenario covering the whole war, as well as other (shorter) scenarios based on different starting years or limited to specific areas (Ebro, Northern Front) of the war.

We plan to also provide the players with interesting options to explore potential what-if situations.

Estimated Playtime: from 1h to many hours… Favored Side: none. Hardest to Play: Republicans.

Historical, Independant, Strategy


1h to many hours…

1 or 2 (in PBEM)

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