One game, five great battles where the US Marines gained even more glory, at the price of terrible losses. Relive bloody assaults on Saipan, Tinian, Tarawa, Iwo Jima and Peleliu in this recreation of epic land battles of the Pacific War. Both sides are playable, each with their own challenge.

SGS Pacific D-Day

SGS Pacific D-Day

In this game you will fight 5 of the fiercest battles of the United States Marines Corps during the Pacific War between 1943 and 1945. Each of the following key American operations are recreated in this challenging game, allowing you to play both sides:

  • Operation Galvanic: the Battle of Tarawa, 20 to 23 November, 1943.
  • Operation Forager : Part 1, the Battle of Saipan, 15 June to 9 July, 1944.
  • Operation Forager : Part 2, The Battle of Tinian, 24 July to 1 August, 1944.
  • Operation Stalemate II : the Battle of Peleliu, September 15 to November 27, 1944.
  • Operation Detachment : the Battle of Iwo Jima, 19 February to 26 March 1945.

In all those battles, the death toll was incredible and the fighting extremely tense, till the end.

Can you do better than history and, as the American commander, take your key objectives in the fastest of time and with minimum loss of men ? Or, as the Imperial Japanese commander, can you fight those doomed battles at a cost that will be intolerable for the enemy?

These battles are handled at Battalion or Company scale on both sides (Battalion unit size units for Saipan, Tinian and Tarawa and Company size for Iwo Jima and Peleliu). Scenarios vary in length, for 20 to 40 turns, each representing usually between 6 hours (for Tarawa) and a day (for other scenarios). The game will offer you various starting options that may alter the historical setup and offer vast replayability potential. Each scenario tells a different story, but in general:

  • The Japanese have few mobile troops, armor, artillery and almost no planes, but their fixed defenses are well organized and incredibly tough to break, as they account always for the difficult nature of the various island terrains.
  • The American forces are well equipped, backed by a strong air force and impressive naval gunfire support, but their timeline and objectives are always very tight to meet and bound to be set off balance by the various traps and plans of the enemy.

In each battle, the final outcome of the game is inevitable: US forces will eventually clear each island of Japanese forces. But at what price?
The game’s event cards allow full replayability thanks to the numerous various situations that they create in the various fields.

This game is dedicated to all United States Marines past, present and future. Thank you for your service.

Estimated Playtime: 20h00+. Favored Side: none. Hardest to Play: USA.

SGS Pacific D-Day – Scenarios descriptions (PDF ; +/- 250 ko) : SGS Pacific D-Day – Iwo Jima, SGS Pacific D-Day – Peleliu, SGS Pacific D-Day – Tinian, SGS Pacific D-Day – Saipan, SGS Pacific D-Day – Tarawa.

SGS Pacific D-day - maps

Historical, Independant, Strategy

Second World War

1h to 4h

1 or 2 (in PBEM)

Avalon Digital