SGS - Overlord

No side is specifically advantaged. Both are playable and enjoyable once you capture the essence of their specific strong points and weaknesses. Detailed scenario information sheets are here to help you get into the game.

One player represents the German forces (various land units of the Wehrmacht, (Heer and Luftwaffe) or the Waffen SS), while the other commands an array of American, British, Canadian, Polish, French troops (and more, as belgian Piron Brigade or Norwegian 99th Battalion) fighting for the Allies.

  • The German have many good quality troops and nothing in terms of air support, but they can have many random reinforcements, some solid defensive positions and, above all, benefit from the defensive advantages of the terrain in Normandy, where marshes, woods, forest and, most of all the infamous ‘Bocage Normand’ all provide a strong protection. At some key moments, they will have local superiority and advantage and can put the Allies in very difficult situation.
  • The Allied troops and their enormous air superiority must hold and seize key points early on, first and foremost uniting their beachheads and securing a safe supply source by holding a port. Then reinforcement and numbers will tell, except if the Germans skilfully manage to use the awful terrain and weather to their benefit, and if he save his strengths.

Be extremely aware of the importance of both weather (which hampers air superiority) and supply (which will mostly affect the Allies). As in the reality, both may contribute to make the campaign looking more like a war of position warfare like in wW1 than the fast and strong Blitzkrieg that could be expected.

SGS Overlord is a complete stand-alone game that covers the WW2 operations in Normandy, from June 6th, 1944 till the end of August, when the breakout and the battle should largely be over.

The game covers the whole operation in Normandy, from D-Day onwards, using a system of 3-days turns.

As the German, you must hold the front for as long as you can, as every week you gain may increase the chances of survival of the Reich. As the Allies commander, you must make best use of the American, Canadian, British and French forces to first gain a solid foothold and then breakout from Normandy, towards Paris and the enemy’s heartland, in order to may be win the war by Xmas?

The Scenarios
The goal of the game is to recreate the different phases of the battle in Normandy, either in a complete grand campaign covering the whole actual duration, or in shorter scenarios of different duration set at various starting points, such as:

  • Grand Campaign: The entire campaign, starting with the very first operations on June 6th, till the last days of August. This campaign scenario lasts 30 turns of 3 days (June 6th till September 3rd, 1944). [30 turns]
  • The Landings: The scenario covers the first week of combat, with the landing on the beaches and the initial breakout plan. Can the ambitious objectives of the plan be reached in time? Or will the German stall the offensive?. This scenario lasts 3 turns (June 6th to 15th, 1944) [3 turns]
  • Battle for Caen: Having failed to capture Caen on the first days of the operation, the Allies had to fight a deadly prolonged battle to capture the key city. The German resistance was stuff and they almost succeeded in pushing as they planned a huge armored counter-offensive to push the enemy back to the sea that never materialized. This scenario lasts a month (from 7th June to 19th July 1944). [14 turns]
  • Race for Cherbourg: Getting hold a deep-water fully-equiped port was essential for the pursuit of the campaign, and there was only one possible target: Cherbourg. Can the Allies reach it in time, or will the German defend it for long enough to create a logistical nightmare for the enemy? This scenario lasts 4 weeks (6th to 26th June 1944). [7 turns]
  • Operation Cobra: The scenario covers the famous operation that finally led the American forces under Patton and Bradley breakout from Normandy, after trashing the German front at Avranches. This scenario lasts 2 weeks (25th July to 3rd August 1944). [3 turns]
  • Falaise Pocket: The scenario covers the German failed counter-offensive at Mortain in August and the ensuing Allied reaction that almost led to the complete destruction of the Wehrmacht in the theatre. This scenario lasts 2 weeks (7th to 21st August 1944). [3 turns]

The game scale is at the brigade or divisional level for land units of both sides, with smaller units (e.g. garrisons, local defenses…) being also present. Air units and naval support, only on the Allied side, is treated in groups.

Other items such as fortifications and supply units [wagons and depots] are also present in good numbers.

Estimated Playtime: from 1h to many hours… Favored Side: none. Hardest to Play: Allies




Historical, Independant, Strategy

Second World War

1h to many…

1 or 2 (in PBEM)

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