SGS Overlord : update 2

Hello everyone, and thank you for your interest in SGS Overlord, which has already been a great success just one month after its release! Thanks to all those who have…

SGS Overlord : update 1

Some corrections and additions to the map (names / positions of certain villages, Dives, Mézidon...) Minor changes to initial positioning in the grand campaign (Panzer-Lehr Division, Grenadier-Regiment 915...) Minor unit…

Presentation of SGS Overlord

Here is a useful new video presentation by LT Gaming showing the gameplay of the upcoming SGS Overlord. Enjoy !  

Future SGS Taipings developments

Some important news for you. Loyalty This Summer SGS Taipings will receive a major update, with the most important Loyalty system (which already works in SGS We The People) part…

SGS Overlord : video tutorials

Here are five new video tutorials explaining the gameplay of SGS Battle for Hue. Planned release date : 6th june 2024 on Steam.