SGS Nato’s Nightmare : designer’s note for the game’s release

The game will be released in a few hours ! However, this is not the final step. A lot of content will be added over time, not only to adjust what needs to be, to fix bugs or simply to improve.

Thus, several additional scenarios will arrive gradually, starting with small scenarios, playable in a few turns. They were planned for the release, but the development of the “total war” campaign and the main intermediate scenarios (also “total war” variant), took a long time due to the complexity of the whole.

This represents six scenarios for the relase :
– 1 huge one with the campaign (advanced game) ;
– 1 “moderate huge” with campaign (basic game) ;
– 2 huge intermediate scenarios (NORTHAG-BAOR and CENTAG, advanced game) ;
– 1 intermediate scenario (NORTHAG-BAOR basic game)
– 1 “intermediate small” scenario (CENTAG basic game)

It is important to emphasize that the basic game and the advanced game are included in one and the same game. By acquiring SGS NATO’s Nightmare, the player therefore has the choice of a more complex game (with thousands of counters, advanced game) or of a simpler game (basic game). CENTAG in the base game is the smallest for the moment and, contrary to appearances, it includes fewer counters than a medium-sized scenario of SGS Afrika Korps for example. FAR 1985 is the next scenario that will be added.

The loading time to launch the game may be relatively long. not ten minutes, but it takes between thirty and forty seconds, so no worries if after ten seconds, nothing happens. If you’re used to SGS, this is a big difference, with very fast loading. But in NATO, there are several thousand counters, a large map, hundreds of player cards, events… So a loading of 30 to 40 seconds isn’t something surprising. Brief slowdowns also occur during the card play phase. This is normal given the amount of effects the cards produce and it doesn’t alter the game experience (it’s brief and punctual).

Finally, remember that the advanced game is what should be called a monster game, with thousands of counters. this is nothing like an RTS. A game turn in the Advanced Game Campaign can easily take an hour or more.

The base game is much faster though, with fewer counters. Anyway, the advanced game and the basic game each represent different approaches. And we hope that SGS NATO’s Nightmare will give you fun, learning (the game defies many clichés like the absolutely overwhelming numerical superiority of the Warsaw Pact, etc.) and thoughs.

Finally, thank you for your interest and thank you to all those who support the game enormously and who have not been stingy with benevolent, rich comments, and who have greatly contributed to improving it !