SGS – Major Update – December 2022

SGS Major update Winter 2022

Additions and fixes brought to the SGS engine, applied to ALL the games in the collection released to date.


– (Scenario Selection) We now display the number of turns to play.

– (Event list) The size of the pop up is now limited and a scroll bar has been added so that all events are visible. Most recent events are now displayed at the top instead of the bottom.

– (PBEM) The game can now send and read a save made when the game’s outcome is known.

– (Map) Selecting a stack now makes it move to the top so that it is completely visible.
– (Map) Improved readability of current stacking value indications on the Map.
– (Mini Map) Fixed for scenarios with limited board area. The camera indicator is now updated during camera movements, not only when they are over.

– (UI) Added button allowing to browse allied stacks in the region of the currently selected stack.
– (UI) Phase list and event list is now open by clicking instead of hovering with mouse pointer to avoid unwanted obscuring of the map.
– (UI) All Unit views now update their icon dynamically when the “Use Nato Symbols” option is toggled.
– (UI) Unit Counter and Unit Context Info can now display up to 16 strength points.
– (UI) Slightly increased width of Card Target Window to accomodate three units. Faster animations. Fixed color of hit indicator (green <-> red).
– (UI) Added outline to the name of events in the event list for better readability.

– (Camera) Increased max zoom.

– (Battle) Added option to disable auto-closing of the Battle screen at the end of the battle, giving the user more time to examine the battle log.
– (Battle) Removed elimination of support units if their nation do not have combat units anymore.
– (Land Battle) Defender now actually retreats during an aerial attack if they do it voluntarily (card or retreat button).
– (Land Battle) Voluntary retreat of the defender can start a pursuit if normal pursuit conditions are met.

– (Breakthrough) The phase is launched only if at least one region is available for breakthrough.

– (Localization) Improved Italian translation (thanks to Adalberto Donati).
– (Localization) Added Korean translation (thanks to GomNaru).

– (Saves) Largely reduced size of saves in scenarios where a lot of units are forbidden in a lot of regions.

– (Rules and Scenarios) Updated PDF Renderer.

– (Projectiles) Added projectiles to the stack cycle button.
– (Projectiles) Implemented Projectile launchers (only in SGS Korean War for now).

– (Supply) Added new scenario rule that besieged units in fortress also suffer from lack of supply (default = true).
– (Supply) Lack of supply effects are delayed by one turn inside fortresses.

– (Reinforcements) Now hiding unit details for AI player.

*** BUGS ***

– (Game Events) Fixed bug where effects of a card deactivated by another effect could stay active.

– (Air Movement) Fixed incorrect display of move range for stacks with infinite movement.
– (Air movement) Fixed issue were game would hang during AA fights if the AA units contained only support units.
– (Air movement) Fixed bug where moving a non-interceptable moving stack caused the game to hang.

– (Air Return to Base) Fixed bug where some units not supposed to return to base would still do it.
– (Air Return to Base) Fixed bug where airs units could not get back to their base and were destroyed.
– (AI Air Movement) Fixed bug where AI would send air units to do strategic bombing while this is disable in the scenario.

– (Map) Fixed bug where hidden anchors were considered as visible.

– (Assaults) Fixed assault test not verifying that at least one unit should be in the region.
– (Assaults) Fixed bug were possible assaults were ignored after leaving a breakthrough phase.
– (Siege) Fixed issue were Siege card would stay active more than the expected duration.

– (Battle log) Fixed missing translation.

– (Battle report) Fixed a bug where anti-aerial fights were incorrectly reported as dogfights.
– (Battle report) Fixed a bug where support units participating in combat were reported as dead, while these units cannot be hit during battles.

– (Resolution settings) Fixed issue where the resolution settings would sometimes not be applied.

– (UI) Fixed potential bug where sometimes the Time scale could become negative.