SGS future WW2 games program

SGS Hong Kong 1941
SGS Hong Kong 1941

We are delighted at the current success of Afrika Korps, following the one of Winter War.

This has prompted our team to allow you, the community to have a look at our proposals for WW2 games with a focus on Campaigns and Operations as opposed to a Grand Strategic approach which is rather large in scope, not fully tailored for the engine as it is now, and can finally be confusing.

Of course, those would be in addition to the current games already planned by SGS (see Games here).
Those are a bit more grand-strategy oriented, on non-WW2 thematics, and currently in production to appear sometimes next year (All the following three: Taipings, Mexico and Heya Safari).

As you will understand, the team is small and can’t fight on all fronts: we are almost fully busy on the regular program, so we need to enlist! And that does not come for free…

Pre Purchase

So one idea we have would be to propose players to support us by pre-purchasing Steam and non-Steam versions from us, in a Kickstarter campaign or a program like the P500 known to some boardgamers for instance. Of course, this would happen only if there is a marked interest for the idea, and that is why we present it here.

Community Involvment

Obviously a KEY part of the plan is to involve the players’ community much more in advance in the development, and for this we will use the upcoming Steam Beta Testing feature. So our friends supporting us will also have their say in the games.


Among the titles which we plan to do, we are sure some will delight you. The list below is not ordered, and we will ask player to vote/sort it in order to set priorities. This will be done in the Kickstarter or P500 if we make it, but you can already present your opinion now, so we get some ‘hints’.

Big Games (scope and price similar to Afrika Korps)

  • SGS Battle of the Bulge: the 1944 Ardennes Offensive (3-5 scenarios, 1 Campaign)
  • SGS Race for Tunis: the 1943 Tunisian Campaign, direct follow-up game of AK (3 scenarios, 1 Campaign, possibly a what-if)
  • SGS Semper Fi: Battles of the Pacific War 1944-1945 with the US Marines (Tinian, Saipan, Pelleliu, Guam, Iwo Jima, Okinawa)
  • SGS Green Devils: the German Paratroopers battles (3-5 small scenarios, Creta 1941 Campaign, 2 what-ifs including Operation Herkules, the planned assault on Malta 1942)
  • SGS Overlord: the 1944 Normandy Campaign (3-5 scenarios, 1 Campaign)
  • SGS Weserübung: the 1940 Invasion of Norway
  • SGS I Shall Return: the 1941-42 and 1944 Philippines Campaigns

Smaller Games (lower priced)

  • SGS Glory Recalled: the assault on Hong Kong (1941), based on an existing boardgame
  • SGS Anvil: the Sicily invasion, 1943
  • SGS Case White: the 1939 invasion of Poland

What-if Games

  • SGS Hawaï Gamble: the hypothetic invasion of Oahu in December 1941
  • SGS Sea Lion: the German invasion of Britain, 1940

PS East Front Fans: please note that there are – on purpose – no games on the WW2 Eastern Front thematic, as those will come only after the Fall Blau game of our regular program is released. So no need to ask…

Your Call

If the response seems positive here, we may implement the P500 page and / or a Kickstarter campaign early in 2021. Feel free to add all questions or comments you want.

Fire at will !