Here is a list of the games that will come in the SGS collection. Some are published, others in beta testing and have a rather advanced status; others are still on their way.

SGS Afrika Korps

A game with 5 scenarios and 2 campaigns covering most of WW2 desert war in Libya and Egypt between 1941 and 1942. You can play the fabled Desert Fox and its Afrika Korps, with its Italian allies, or the British 8th Army and all the Commonwealth forces that opposed Rommel’s action in this unique theater of operations.

SGS Fall Blau

This covers essentially the German campaign of 1942 on the eastern front, towards Caucasus and the Volga. Players will try to do better than their historical counterparts, capturing and holding Stalingrad or the Caucasus oilfields as the Axis, or repulsing the enemy onslaught and winning the campaign as the Soviets. A specific scenario, at a different scale, will cover the battle of Stalingrad itself.

SGS Heia Safari

The only campaign where forces of Imperial Germany fought victoriously till the end. Considered as a sideshow, the campaign in East Africa between 1914 and 1918 cost thousand of lives and deprived the Allies from resources that could have been better used elsewhere. You can lead the German commander Von Lettow’s and his skilled Askaris against an array of Allied troops from the Commonwealth, Belgium and Portugal. Get the ‘African Queen’ feeling when playing this exotic campaign.

SGS Heia Safari

SGS Indochina

Less know than the American war in Vietnam (1965-1975), the French campaigns in Indochina between 1946 and 1954 are mostly known for the final climactic battle – and defeat – at Dien Bien Phu in 1954. Relive every year of this dense colonial and cold war, playing as the French and their local allies or as the Vietminh and its Communist supports. The game covers also an intense non-military activity through card play about diplomacy, cold war conflicts, domestic politics, press and dozens of outside events.

SGS Halls of Montezuma

The US-Mexican war of 1846-1848 paved the way to one of the largest territorial expansions of the United States (after the Louisiana Purchase) in the XIXth century. But what if the war had not been that decisive and domestic politics had prevented the favorable conclusion? Relive the conflict between USA and Mexico in this game with many yearly scenarios, campaigns and a wealth of events and cards to illustrate outside non-military interference.

SGS Taïpings

Between 1853 and 1867, China was engulfed in its most horrific – and deadly – civil war, the Taïping Rebellion, that cost the lives of millions of Chinese. In this game, you will play the rebellious troops of the ‘Heavenly Kingdom’ (a.k.a. the Taïping) and their other allies like the Nien bandits, against the Qing dynasty. Foreign powers intervention will play a nuisance role on both sides.

SGS Winter War

Winter War is the story of the Soviet onslaught on tiny Finland from November 1939 to March 1940, at the beginning of WW2. Can the Finns hold beyond the reasonable and receive the long awaited Allied intervention? Or will the Russian bear crush them and force them to lose their border lands?

SGS Fall Weiss - David Pentland

SGS Fall Weiss

On September 2, 1939, the Wehrmacht set off for Poland and in six weeks defeated its valiant opponent. It became known as the first Blitzkrieg. Will you be able to do as well at the head of the German forces? And if you play Poland, will you be able to block the advance of the enemy and delay the deadline until very late in the winter, changing the course of the war?

SGS Afrika Korps : Tunisia

This game is the sequel to the very successful SGS – Afrika Korps, and it allows players to continue the war, on the same scale, during the Tunisian campaign in 1943. You can continue to lead the Afrika Korps, or take control of the Allies and see how the newly-raised Americans fight when opposed to Axis veterans.

SGS Afrikakorps Tunisia - David Pentland
SGS Operation Hawaii

SGS Operation Hawaii

On December 7th, 1941, the Empire of Japan struck a surprise blow against unsuspecting American forces at Pearl Harbor, Hawaï. In the ensuing confusion and panic, the USA feared a Japanese invasion of Oahu island, but it fortunately did not materialize. But what would have happened if it had?

SGS Pacific D-Day

One game, five great battles of the last years of the Pacific War, where the US Marines gained even more glory, at the price of terrible losses. Relive the bloody assaults of Saipan, Tinian, Tarawa, Iwo Jima and Peleliu in this first installment on the epic land battles of the Pacific War. Both sides will be playable, each with their own challenge.

SGS Pacific D-Day
SGS Spain at War

SGS Spain at War

A complete standalone game that covers the Spanish Civil war from July 1936 to April 1939. The game covers the whole war from 18th July ’36, using a system of weekly turns. As the Nationalist you have to bring to the Peninsula your powerful units of the Africa’s army and take control of the key cities to force the Republic to surrender. As the Republican player you must delay the initial progress of the enemy and meanwhile start building the Popular Army in order to be ready to face your opponent’s regualr army, and in particulars its veteran units.

SGS Korean War

The first intense conflict of the Cold War, this war is very often forgotten, its very rapid and dynamic but unknown aspect obliterated by months of stagnation following the first year of operations in Korea. Can you make it remembered?

SGS Korean War
SGS Operation Downfall

SGS Operation Downfall

Project Manhattan failed! Operation Downfall, the Allied plan for the invasion of the Japanese home islands is set in motion. Start with Operation Olympic to capture Kyushu, and move on with Coronet, the landing near Tokyo. Force Japan surrender with the largest amphibious operation in history.

SGS – NATO’s Nightmare

What if the Warsaw Pact had attacked NATO in the mid-1980s. Or the other way around? Study this titanic conflict, within the most emblematic theater, Germany and the center of Europe. Will you be able to achieve your goals without the situation escalating into an uncontrollable nuclear escalation?

SGS NATO’s Nightmare
SGS Pacific D-day - Okinawa

SGS Pacific D-Day – Okinawa

A standalone epic rendering of the 1945 bloody fighting on Okinawa, the last great battle of the Pacific War. The game is part of the Pacific D-Day collection. Both sides are playable, each with their own challenge.

SGS Glory Recalled

The Battle of Hong Kong (8–26 December 1941), also known as the Defence of Hong Kong and the Fall of Hong Kong, was one of the first battles of the Pacific War in World War II.