SGS Winter War – War Start Anniversary Update


To remember the war start on November 30th, 1939, we have chosen to publish today the first post-release update to the game. Below is the list of changes and additions.


(Air battle) Implemented Air Supremacy: side parameter + associated effect to enable/disable for the specified side
(Quick battle) Fixed pursuit phase
(Air movement) Added scenario parameter to disable strategic bombing movement for scenarios that don’t need it (no economy)
(Battle Summary) Added tooltip indicating how units were damaged
(Localization) Updated Italian localization and added Portuguese localization


*** FIXES ***

(UI) Fixed mini map overlapping with phase windows.
(UI) Fixed issue where opening Structure info window would block the rest of the UI without allowing to close this windows.
(Aerial interception) Fixed issue that resulted in a very low probability of aerial interception/discovery test success.
(Aerial interception) Fixed issue where an interception stack was incorrectly supposed to have radars.
(Retreat) Fixed bug where land and air units could be merged in a single stack, causing the destruction of air units because they cannot retreat with the others.
(Battle) Fixed freeze while units are shooting happening with Elite units.
(Auto Move Mode) Fixed bug that missed a part of Regions accessible to the selected stack.
(Auto Move Mode) Fixed bug that allowed to perform auto-move while still playing cards in the movement phase.
(Cards) Fixed bug where the move range of a stack was not immediately updated after playing a card that changes it.
(Retreat) Defender cannot retreat through enemy lines anymore (e.g. retreat in or behind a region from which attackers came).
(Battle) Fixed bug affecting all SGS Games where the first battle dice was always 0
(Camouflage) Fixed bug where structure units where not taken into account when deciding what happens if a an enemy unit removes its camouflage and no allied stack is in the region itself.


The main focus in scenario content was brought to the Grand Campaign, although all the above new code and database also apply in all (other) scenarios.

Finns now have an improved chance of gaining the upper hand in air combat (but still very few planes, so place them in defense carefully).
Swedish volunteers arrive more frequently.
Allied Intervention progresses regularly by 1 every second turn almost from T3 onwards.
Russian rifles (infantry) divisions have now a rate of fire of 3 (
instead of 2), although their combat values are still low.
Finn junior commanders are penalized if they lead more than 5 units (by -1 to their values in all domains, cumulative each excess 5), to avoid the creation of doom stacks with mere captains in command (the most junior officers have been removed, as they are included now in the combat values of units).
Mannerheim command (draw extra cards) frequency has been upped.
Soviets can no longer use the railroad they have conquered inside Finland.
Stavka orders on T1 are strict: no transfer of Soviet armies beyond the sector of the front they have been allocated to initially (more freedom from T2 onwards).
Very bad weather may occur more frequently in the far north.
The Finns now have 5 decoys to lure the Soviet even more. Those units can’t fight and will be destroyed if caught, but from the opponent’s point of view they look like enemy stacks.

This update shall be on line around 18:00 PM today (9:00 PST).

Beware that scenarios or PBEM games started in the older version might not be compatible with this update.