New SGS Pre-orders system

The Strategy Game Studio is growing! Following the success of our first two titles, Winter War and Afrika Korps, and the upcoming release (May 20th) of our next game, Halls of Montezuma, we are pleased to provide you with the following information.

Our website is expanding to give you more features, including a brand new shop and product pages with many more details.

SGS Preorders
We are launching a new PRE-ORDERS system which we feel you will appreciate. Visit the page here. It works quite simply:

New game subjects are submitted and presented to our players, as potential new products from SGS.

Each game has a target number of units to reach (usually 300 for big titles) and will enter production when the threshold is met or exceeded. At this stage, pre-ordering the game gives you a hefty -40% off from the game’s official launch retail price.

Once the target has been reached, the game enters In PRODUCTION, i.e. the SGS team is putting it on top of the production schedule (sorted by orders ranking). You can still order the game before release, but the discount is lowered to -25% off.

As soon as the game reaches Beta stage and is available for playtesting on Steam (which usually occurs some weeks after production start), all players having pre-ordered it initially or bought it after it went into production will be provided, by email, a Steam key allowing to play the game before official release.

We hope you will like this new service. It will greatly assist in helping us decide which game(s) shall get production priority among those listed in the catalogue. ALL the titles will ultimately be done, but obviously those pre-ordered in the larger numbers will get top attention from our small team and receive the first development efforts.

Feel free to send all remarks and questions to us via the contact form of the SGS site. If you have ideas about a game or would love to create and produce a title not listed here, also use the contact form for an exchange with our lead team.

Playfully Yours

The SGS Team