Major update Fall 2021

Online Rules and New Air Rules


We have decided to put the SGS manual online, on the SGS website. This will allow for easier consultation and faster update when we make changes.

You can access them here: SGS Rules.



– (Air Movement and Stacking) Added scenario-level air stacking limit, with some special terrain-level exceptions, complete with move alerts and on-map display and filter button in minimap
– (Supply) Supply units now take one hit when used instead of being killed directly
– (Stacking) Damaged units with a base stacking value different from 0 now cannot have a 0 stacking value because of rounding (-1 or 1 instead)
– (Unit Context Info) Now the current base of origin (airfield) is displayed for air units, whether they are in it or not
– (Map) Added automatic focus on regions to select (reinforcements, events)
– Stacks with infinite move range now display the infinite symbol


– (Retreat) Fixed possibly very slow retreat calculation in the case of an encircled retreater
– (Battle) Fixed several missing battle modifiers
– (Structures) Fixed supply information given in Structure’s Information Window


– (Supply Stack Effect) The effect can now be restricted to a specified Location
– (Stacking) Fixed bug where region’s stacking value included units popping above their host structure
– (Stacking) Fixed bugs with overstacking during aerial movement phases

– (Camera Controls) Fixed selected image for Supply and Air Stacking
– (Animation) Removed animation when reinforcement arrive on existing stack to avoid scaling issues

– Finished improving economy phase (for the upcoming Taïpings game and other SGS games later)
– (Economy) Mostly fixed Purchase phase and appearance of Income window.
– (Production) Now supports definition of units that can be produced through unit sets
– (Purchase) Now supports definition of units that can be produced through unit sets
– (Purchase) Added automated zoom to production regions + blinking

– (Movement) Implemented indigenous Units to restrict movement to certain zones (e.g. militias)
– (Movement and Transport) Added escort units, implemented new version of the transport effect

– (Battle) Fixed bug with computation of main round execution, the value was never set to true

– (Save / Debug) The date when the scenario was exported when created with SGSEdit is now stored in saves (scenario.json), to allow better checks on saves reports returns by players (i.e. on which version of the scenario they play).