SGS Taipings update

SGS Taipings has been updated, see the changelog below for more details.


  • Added an information event about the capture of Guangzhou (from Turn 2, when Taiping come close to that city)
  • When Guangzhou is captured by Taiping Army, 3 cards are drawn allowing the Taiping to choose their attitude towards Foreign Devils: Welcome, Acquiesce or Expel. Each have different costs in VP and gold, and different benefits and liabilities. Some changes (e.g. Expel) may alter seriously the course of the game and the style of play.
  • Added an event early 1855 to ask the Taiping to choose a capital if they have not captured Nanking (Jiangning) by then. Choice is made between Guangzhou, Kaifeng, Wuchang and Shuntian and only one city can be chosen to be the new capital. Hong will moved and settle there. NB: this is less advantageous than having Nanking, but much better than having no capital.
  • From 1856, if the Taipings have a capital, an incident (power struggle among them) may occur. If they do not have a capital by end of 1856, their power will be severely reduced.
  • Added some new events for game balance and some cards to help identify enemy forces.
  • Added information icons in battle to explain some units roles.



  • Various cards effects fixed
  • Corrected some missing terrains for Ambush and Cavalry charges
  • Some localization text was fixed in Chinese.