SGS Taipings april update

SGS Taipings has been updated, see the changelog below for more details.


  • Fixed error in River Fleet card.
  • Fixed Feng Yunchen still present in 1857 while he had died in 1852.
  • Fixed arrival of leader Luo Dagang.
  • Changed the values of Mongol cavalry to match their actual historical capacities (1 less in all of attack, defense, movement and morale. No longer breakthrough capacity).
  • From start of game, Green Banners from Yunnan, Sichuan and Henan can enter neighboring provinces.
  • Englarged some Events parchments to give a better and easier reading.


  • New Taiping Raid card allowing to destroy a fortified town outside of battle.
  • Added 6 More Interesting Times cards, 3 for each sides, that will have negative effects (loss of cards or treasury).
  • New Qing card allowing to create the Army of Xiang earlier, but at a very steep cost.
  • New Qing card that will cost severe lost in accumulated treasury.
  • Counters background redone to give more flavour and better distinguish Chinese from Foreign Devils.