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Scenario Menu

A / The Scenarios

SGS Afrika Korps - Menu
Illustration 3.1

This menu allows selecting which scenario you can play. Scenarios are displayed by chronological order, starting with the most ancient in history. If a scenario name is displayed as grayed-out, it means it is available for purchase from the store but not yet acquired by you.

For each scenario you can see a general description and presentation, and a short piece of information on the available sides, their strengths and weaknesses, as well as their goals (see illustration 3.2). An estimated playing time is also given. To start, you must first select the flag (or the human/computer button) of the side you want to play before pressing ‘Start Game’. When playing hot seat, just click on the ‘Human’ button below each of the sides’ flags.

SGS Afrika Korps - Menu
Illustration 3.2


When the scenario starts, a load window is displayed (illustration 3.3), showing the load percentage in progress.

SGS Afrika Korps - Menu
Illustration 3.3

Once loading is complete, you are on the mapboard of the scenario and a Event windows tells what is going on and who is going to move first (this may be the other side). (See illustration 3.4)

NB: you can click on the Scenario Information button in the menu to get a PDF presentation sheet of the scenario.

SGS Afrika Korps - Menu
Illustration 3.4

B / Information on the Scenario

SGS Afrika Korps - Menu
Illustration 3.5

When clicking on the I button in the scenario start window (see illustration 3.5 below), you can access the scenario information sheet. The game built-in PDF viewer will show you a presentation about your future game. It usually displays 3 to 4 pages per scenario (see illustrations 3.5bis below).

In this window you can read most important information about what is different in the current game from the basic rules, and also the specific victory conditions or game special rules that are in effect. You can zoom in or out, move the window, reduce it, or perform searches in it.

SGS Afrika Korps - Menu
Illustration 3.5bis

Translator Note: those sheets are only in French and English in the current version of the game, and if you play in another language (such as Russian, German or Spanish), the I button won’t show. But you can always access those Information sheet in PDF format at the root of the scenario directory.

SGS Afrika Korps - Menu
Illustration 3.5ter

In this window you can access to 5 Video tutorials ingame (you can view them from the game’s UI) that will give you basic explanation on how the game main parts are played.

C / Intermediate Menu

When leaving an ongoing game, you are returned to an intermediate menu that allows you to perform various functions on your current game (such as save, resume, quit) or also return to the main menu or the game’s options). See Illustration 3.5 above.

Usually, when in the intermediate menu, you can notice that the main screen background is the same as your current game loading screen, and not the main menu background screen.

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