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Main Menu

A / Menu

SGS Afrika Korps - Menu
Illustration 2.1

After the SGS logo presentation and loading, the main menu page appears (see Illustration 2.1) giving access to the main game functions (new game, load game, save game), options and store (not in version 1.00).

When you leave an ongoing game (see section III) you are taken back to a intermediate menu offering more options (related
to the ongoing game) or permitting to come back to the main menu (validate your choice – see Illustration 2.1bis below)

SGS Afrika Korps - Menu
Illustration 2.1bis

B / Options

The options menu as presented in Illustration 2.2 below can be accessed from the main menu. Parameters such as the game language, the music and sounds levels, or the AI difficulty level (Basic, Advanced, Expert) can be adjusted from there.

The game rules (this present online manual) can be accessed directly in game, as well as information on each scenarios.

SGS Afrika Korps - Menu
Illustration 2.2

The autosave function is activated by default, and you need to uncheck it in order to prevent it from action (if not the game is saved automatically at the end of each turn).

The function showing battles between AI sides (those controlled by the computer) allows seeing every battle, but it slows down the game consequently (although it is sometimes enjoyable to see opposing units in battle, especially when they suffer losses from other hands than yours)

C / Save and Load

SGS Afrika Korps - Menu
Illustration 2.3

The function that allows saving an ongoing game, or allows loading a previously saved game. See Illustrations 2.3.

Remember the game has the autosave activated by default. (Saved games by end of each turn and each phase automatically).

You can rename the saves by double-clicking on their name inside their lines on the save window.


SGS Afrika Korps - Menu
Illustration 2.4

The function that allows Play By Email (PBEM) with your friends.

You need to enter your player name, email and the folder where you will place your PBEM saves in the Options. See Illustrations 2.4 below. You will find ingame the details instructions regarding PBEM games setup and functioning. See also this page.

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