Ongoing Works

SGS Operation Downfall, launched last Aug.9 has been a good success, with players happy of the game’s treatment of this what-if situation. This leads us to believe that we could extend the ‘Operation XXX’ titles with more alternate history or uchronic titles. We have at least 2 of them in mind, starting with the infamous SGS Operation Sealion.

In the meanwhile, development work goes on on the main 3 titles: SGS Korean War is now in Beta, with more campaigns and scenario added, and should be available on Steam late October.

Our WW3-like game, SGS NATO’s Nightmare, will enter official Beta in October and we shall be looking for volunteers to test it. There are also some active discussions with the designer on the Steam forum.

The SGS Pacific D-Day team is well advanced in their next opus, SGS Okinawa, which will be a standalone on this critical land battle of the Pacific War.

Finally, SGS Taipings, the original title of this great Chinese civil war is also being tested currently and balanced, with a plan to have it release in time for Chinese New Year 2023 (19 January 2023) .

As a summary, you can find below a summary – in chronological order – of the release timetable. When the date is set, it means we are 90% sure of it. When the date is a month or quarter, we are also certain of the release with the time frame, but not yet of the exact day.

  • SGS Korean War: 27 October 2022
  • SGS Taipings: 19 January 2023
  • SGS Okinawa: Winter 2022
  • SGS NATO’s Nightmare: May 2023
  • SGS Fall Weiss: Late Spring 2023
  • SGS Spain At War: Summer 2023

We have other grand strategy titles from the catalogue already in the works, at different stages of development, but it is too early right now to give dates, and they will be announced in future newsletters.