New screenshots for SGS – Fall Weiss

Here are several new screenshots for this future game on the first Blitzkrieg, in Poland, September 1939.

SGS Fall Weiss is currently In production in our P300 program.

Fall Weiss : The 1939 Polish Campaign by SGS

This theme, relatively unexploited in strategy games, is under development in the SGS series and should be released in a few months. Here are some screenshots of the Alpha version.
The originality of the product, as far as we have learned, will be to offer alternative scenarios to the historical campaign which – in the minds of many and sometimes wrongly – seems to be a foregone conclusion.

One scenario will consider the campaign without the Soviet intervention, another one will deal with a hypothesis where Stalin allies himself with the West and fights on the side of the Poles, and a third a-historical variant will cover a Polish-Russian conflict without German intervention.