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SGS – Fall Weiss


The first Blitzkrieg – Poland, September 1939.

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SGS Fall Weiss - map
SGS Fall Weiss – map
SGS Fall Weiss - Polish infantry
SGS Fall Weiss – Polish infantry

On September 2, 1939, the Wehrmacht set off for Poland and in six weeks defeated its valiant opponent. It became known as the first Blitzkrieg. Will you be able to do as well at the head of the German forces? And if you play Poland, will you be able to block the advance of the enemy and delay the deadline until very late in the winter, changing the course of the war?

Units scale: regiments and brigades. Time scale: 1 turn = 2 days. Map scale: 1 region = 100 km².

Le 2 septembre 1939, la Wehrmacht s’élance en Pologne et en 6 semaines terrasse son vaillant adversaire. C’est la première Blitzkrieg, la guerre éclair. Pourrez-vous faire aussi bien à la tête des forces allemandes ? Et si vous êtes la Pologne, saurez-vous bloquer les avances adverses et retarder l’échéance jusqu’à très tard en hiver, changeant le cours de la guerre ?

SGS Fall Weiss - German infantry
SGS Fall Weiss – German infantry

Échelle des unités : régiments et brigades. Échelle de temps : 1 tour = 2 jours. Échelle de la carte : 1 région = 100 km².