SGS Winter War manual

The first version (1.00) of the SGS WINTER WAR manual is now ready. It's a 104 pages document, with a lot of information and quite a few images and explanation…

Tutorial Videos – SGS Winter War

They will be included inside the game directly in a future update. In the meanwhile you can already view them on our YouTube channel.   Inspect Regions A short…

May Update – SGS Winter War

This first week of May we worked on the first return on bugs, errors and desired changes from some of you who have been playing thoroughly Winter War. Changelog FIXES…

SGS Winter War Teaser 3

The last teaser just before the game release on Steam today, in Early Access. Visit the Steam page of the game !

SGS collection started

The first game of the SGS collection, dealing with the Winter War (1939-1940, Soviet Union vs Finland), is releasing today in Early Access on Steam.   AVALON DIGITAL’S SGS: WINTER…

SGS Winter War Teaser 2

Another small teaser for the upcoming game... Visit the Steam page of the game !

SGS Winter War Teaser 1

Winter is coming... and something special with it.... To anounce the coming release of the game Winter War in Early access on Steam, April 28th, 2020.