Winter 2022 SGS major update

SGS Winter update 2022

In anticipation of the upcoming release of SGS Glory Recalled (the Battle for Hong Kong in 1941) on next February 10th, on Steam, we have brought the following changes, improvements and fixes were to the engine, applicable to all already released games and covering the following points.

(Retreat) Major rework of retreat system. Retreating units are no longer able to retreat to or through enemy regions, except if those regions are empty and have just been conquered by the enemy. Defeated side will automatically spread retreating units over several regions so has to avoid overstacking issues and to loose as few units as possible. Land units can now retreat to their origin boats.

(Map) Stacking values are no longer shown for AI player.

(Supply) The phase window is not shown anymore when AI plays

(Replacements) The phase’s UI is now more explicit. Strength points that will be added by replacements are now displayed in green.

(Purchase) Added tooltips for Cards and Replacements purchase, added right click to remove 1 purchase (cards and replacements). Now displaying the number of currently needed replacements between “( )”. It is now possible to buy as much replacements as treasury allows (no more hard limit)

(Side Info Window) Added replacements info and tooltips for top details

(Battle Summary) Added indication of the order in which the battles took

(Reinforcements) Reinforcements summary will never be shown when AI plays to avoid giving information to the human player

(AI) Improved efficiency of Land movements AI

(Battle) Fixed bug in computation of damages taken by “cavalry” Units
(Battle) Fixed a bug where a region with only units from one side would indefinitely stay in a Battle state
(Battle) Avoid multiple Rout tests when a battle round is skipped
(Battle) Added missing logs for Pursuit round

(Localization) Added some missing translations

(Movement) Removed “no move” warning when the user goes to the next phase just after loading a save where moves have already been made during the current phase
(Movement) Fixed bugs that allowed to exceed stacking limits in regions by merging stacks
(Movement) Fixed misleading mouse cursor during auto-move when hovering a region with overstacking state

(Events) Fixed bug where events could not be executed because their execution phase had nothing to do

(Cards) Fixed a bug when sometimes the reinforcements by cards would not find an available unit in the pool and do nothing (e.g. recreation of mines or obstacles)