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New Air Rules (stacking)

Fall 2021 Update (see this news in the Dev blog)

In this update which took place mid-September, the stacking rules have been extended to the AIR domain. Air units stacking values are now taken into account during the air movement phases (offensive and defensive) and you can only send in the air a number of air units whose combined stacking values are equal or less than the game’s current air stacking values.


Air stacking value is set per game. In SGS Winter War and SGS Afrika Korps / AK Tunisia games, it is a base 4 if the region has no airport structure (see below) with a higher value. If there is one, then the air stacking in the region is at least the same as the structure air stacking value (but can be higher like in the case of Off Map Boxes (OMB) mentioned below).

A few regions (usually OMBs) may have higher stacking values, included higher than that of airfields structure present there, and up to unlimited stacking.


Air stacking works exactly like land stacking, both in principle and in practice or handling. See corresponding Stacking rules.

An AIR STACKING button, allowing to see the actual stacking values and usage exactly as in the land stacking, has been added to that purpose.

SGS Air stacking icon


This already existed before, but now applies to all kind of units, air and land alike. We have added an informational pictogram inside the structure window (and also on the structure icon on map) to indicate, for each domain, the current stacking value of units of that domain inside the structure compared to the maximum stacking capacity of the structure.

Units (both air and land) cannot enter a structure which has reached its maximum stacking. Air units, when faced with this situation during a movement or a return to base will look for another structure with available capacity. If they cannot fin any, they will be destroyed (crash landing).

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