SGS Rules

Victory and Defeat

If the scenarios does not end because some Sudden Death condition has been achieved (e.g. Axis capture of Alexandria and Suez, or Allies seizing Tripoli in SGS Afrika Korps) the Victory Points accumulated during the game will be used to determine who has won it.

Victory Points are essentially received from 4 different sources:

  • Cards
  • Conquest of key regions or group of regions, and/or Structures (e.g. the key fortress port of Tobruk)
  • End of game bonus (see Illustration 18.1 below) for holding specific locations or structures
  • Destruction of some specific units (e.g. Armor units), which can be clearly identified through the color of their names on the counter and tooltip (usually red instead of white) and whose information tooltip indicates how many VP they bring (when killed) or cost (when lost).
Illustration 18.1

After displaying possible End Game bonus (see previous illustration), the game will give you the final RESULT (see Illustration 18.2 below) and an explanation of the nature of the victory or defeat.

Illustration 18.2

If you click on the SHOW SCORES button of the Result Window, you can see a comparison of both sides relative performances during this game (see Illustration 18.3 below).

Illustration 18.3

Note that once you have reached this stage, the game is over and cannot be continued (i.e. you cannot play a game past its last turn).

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