SGS Rules

Units Specific Winter War Icons

  • Special Finnish units with guerrilla and ambush capacities (may hide and camouflage, move through enemy lines) are called SISSI and are identified with the following icon SGS Sissi unit icon
  • Elite units are usually associated with this icon SGS Elite icon
  • Mines are usually associated with this icon SGS Mine icon
  • The units Roles identified by an icon used in SGS Winter War are the following:

Armor: SGS Armor WW2 russian iconArtillery:SGS Artillery modern WW2 icon

AA Artillery (shoots against planes only): SGS Artillery AA iconLogistical units (supply): SGS Logistic modern iconFighters / Interceptors: SGS Fighter WW2 iconFighter-Bombers (will fight in Main and Next battle rounds): SGS Fighter-Bomber WW2 iconHeavy Fortifications (is also artillery): SGS Bunker Fortification icon

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