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Specific rules for SGS Fall Weiss



These rules apply specifically to the SGS Fall Weiss game.

They are in addition to the basic rules presented in the video tutorials, or to the rules available in French and English in the Afrika Korps game manual, in pdf format (said rules being accessible free of charge and with no obligation to own Afrika Korps). In some cases, they completely replace the general rules given for Afrika Korps.

These special rules make Fall Weiss a game that belongs both to the “classic” SGS set and at the same time a relatively distinct one, giving it special features that better represent the conflict in question, namely the invasion of Poland on September 1, 1939.

The rules in question will feature prominently in two future games in the “blitzkrieg” offensive series, SGS France 1940 and SGS Balkans 1940-1941.


Download the specific rules for SGS Fall Weiss here (pdf – 1.8 Mb)

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