SGS Operation Hawaii : gameplay videos

Here are five gameplay videos explaining and showing in details this new wargame simulating an hypothetical japanese invasion of Oahu at the time of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

  1. This gameplay and explanation video presents the Options feature added to the new game SGS Operation Hawaii (the ‘What-if’ story of Japanese land attack on Oahu in 1941).
  2. How to move units in the new SGS Operation Hawaii game, an example with Japanese forces during Turn 1.
  3. In this video we go into more details on how land battles take place and unfold in the SGS engine used by SGS Operation Hawaii game.
  4. A quick walk through the US side, which does not have much to do on turn 1 but with explanations on the context and how it affects gameplay.
  5. In this video, the second Japanese turn shows how to move air units and their participation in battles. Other features like replacement are also described.

Also note that some of our games, like SGS Operation Hawaii, had also a name change, designed to better reflect their content.

SGS Operation Hawaii release is expected for December 7th, 2021. On Avalon Digital and on Steam.