Release schedule 2024

This is a preliminary planning of our 2024 releases. Dates are not set in stone, as the various teams may have changes in their agendas and workloads (such as what happened to Miguel, the designer of SGS Spain at War in 2023), but we are rather confident on the schedule below.

So the 2024 Release schedule for the future SGS games currently In production is:

March: SGS Battle for Hue
May: SGS Battle for Dien Bien Phu
June : SGS Overlord
Summer: SGS Spain at War
Summer: SGS Battle for Warsaw
Fall: SGS Battle for Shanghai
Fall: SGS Avlanche
Winter: SGS Bulge

Also planned for 2024, without specific period at the moment: SGS Battle for Fort Donelson and SGS Samourai Battles.


The list above contains only the games that are under production, i.e. where work on graphics, map and even the program content has started. We also have teams and research that is collecting data and designing the main concept and features on different projects. There are so many that we cannot name them all, and the games won’t see a release before 2025 at the earliest, but here is a list of those (our own Santa gift here), not sorted in any kind of priority for now.

SGS Gulf Strike
SGS Indochina
SGS Franco-Prussian War
SGS Civil War Battles
SGS Imjin War
SGS War of Resistance
SGS Battle for Arnhem
SGS Battle for Verdun
SGS Green Devils
SGS Seelöwe