Release of SGS Spain at War delayed

SGS Spain at War has been developed in Beta status with all of the content present to play the first 6 months of the war. We are now tackling the development of the second phase of the conflict, covering the more intense and larger scale part of the war, after 1937. This requires extra units, events and cards, and more testing.

However, the game designer, Miguel Santacruz, has to follow some IRL commitments and the time he can dedicate to the game has been reduced considerably. So he feels more comfortable to ask for a postponement of the release, and we agreed to delay the game till summer 2024.

We know that many of you have ordered the game already, and you can currently play it (for the 1936 to early 1937 period) and we shall gladly await and include your comments. We kindly ask you for a little bit more of patience in order to complete the game as it should, a fully detailed rendering of the Spanish Civil War.

For those of you who are amateurs of the conflict, we plan to release at the end of this year a SGS Battle Series game covering the Battle of Madrid. See the shop page here, the product page will be up soon.