Ongoing Works (2)

SGS Korean War is a great success, in particular in China and Korea (45% of our sales so far) and many thousands are in wishlist. We are planning very soon a first big patch, which will add even more content to the game (units, events, cards, gameplay improvements). Stay tuned.

* Development on currently announced projects is going forward. At the present date:

  • SGS Spain at War: the designer has resumed his tasks on the game and we plan it for next late spring or early summer. Beta testing should open in February 2023.
  • SGS Taïpings: the store page on Steam will open next month, and the game is planned for Chinese New year 2023 (January 22nd, 2023).
  • SGS Fall Weiss: the first beta testing showed needs to re-evaluate some key aspects of the game (like time scale or unit sizes) and it is now planned for April 2023. A new beta testing campaign will be launched early next year.
  • SGS NATO’s Nightmare: the early beta showed promising results and the game is now entering a stage where its 2 levels can be tested (the basic game and the advanced one). The official beta will start next month, and the game is still scheduled for may 2023