Future SGS Taipings developments

Some important news for you.

Loyalty This Summer

SGS Taipings will receive a major update, with the most important Loyalty system (which already works in SGS We The People) part of its design.

The loyalty system is a major change in gameplay, as you no longer just go through a region and take it for you: if the region is loyal to the other side, you need to maintain military presence over time to “rule” it, otherwise it will return to its original owner. Disloyal regions will allow your opponent to build units, so you cannot leave them unguarded.
Also, retreat in regions loyal to you will be allowed, even if just captured by the enemy.

Loyalty will also affect income (a region 50% loyal to you will bring only half income), and fog of war: you can see all details of enemy forces in regions that are stringly loyal to you…

This will come with two dozens of extra cards, and many more events.

So in short, a complete new (and improved) way to play

More Events

We will add new events to them, as provided to us by some of our dedicated players. Most good suggestions will be retained and implemented, such as:

  • Firefly warship capture (1860)
  • Baocun village anti-taiping rebellion (Zhejiang, large force, 1861+)
  • Ling Gong revolt in Taiwan (1853)
  • Shuntian Army uprising (Sichuan, 1859)
  • Alternative choices for Tianjing massacre (you will have the choice of which leaders to keep and which to execute)
  • and more…

More Units

  • New leaders, such as Augustus Frederick Lindley, Song Jingshi, Lan Chaozhu or Zhang Zongyu
  • River Forts (including Jiangnan fortress)
  • and more…

Game engine upgrade

All the next major engine update will be in the game. Some SGS Taiping specific issues will be solved.

Price Change

Because of new content, the game price will be increased. The GOOD NEWS for all of you who already own the game by then is that you get ALL the above for FREE.