Art from David Pentland

The famous artist David Pentland will contribute to SGS with some of his beautiful paintings. Here is below an example, for the future title SGS Heia Safari.

David Pentland - Battle of Tanga

David Pentland Bio

As a self-taught artist David has worked for many years as a successful freelance illustrator both in architecture and advertising.

For the past 30 years however he has combined his passion for military and aviation subjects with his experience in the commercial field and produced a wide selection of military paintings. Many of which have been shown in numerous exhibitions throughout Northern Ireland and the UK.

He has also been commissioned by both public and private clients worldwide, from British army regiments to Film directors such as George Lukas (Starwars) and Peter Jackson (Lord of the Rings). While his images of aircraft and armoured vehicles have appeared in a wide range of magazines, books, scale models, computer and board wargames box cover art.

A collection of his work, “Century of Tanks”, an illustrated history of the tank was published to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the tank.

For details on private commissions or limited edition prints, please contact him on the following links.



David Lives in Bangor, Northern Ireland with his wife and big white dog!