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This is the phase that follows card draw. It only happens when the game turn has reinforcements appearing, either as per scenario design schedule, or because of previous card play (in a previous game phase).

A / Reinforcements (scheduled or card-generated)

Reinforcements are units given to a player at different turns of a scenario. This can be either from the scenario design or because a card was played to provide them. In both case, a summary window will appear at the end of the phase (so you can play card before) which gives all the information about the said reinforcements. See Illustration 12.1 below.

Illustration 12.1
  • Each reinforcement (can be made of one or more units) appears on its own line, with the units part of it (not detailed if this is the opponent’s reinforcement summary),
  • The place where they appear is indicated and clickable: when you click on it, the game will zoom on to the reinforcement arrival region.
  • Last, at the right of the window, an icon will indicate if the reinforcement is the consequence of a card play (you’ll see a card icon) or if it is coming as per the scenario schedule.

B / Placement of Reinforcements and Removals

Most of the time reinforcements will arrive at a pre-determined location. In such a case, no action from the player is required. The summary window will give all relevant details. However, some reinforcements, be they by card play, event or scenario schedule, can only enter the game after the entry location has been chosen by the player. See Illustration 12.2.

Illustration 12.2

First step will consist in selecting the destination region of the reinforcement. Valid regions are displayed with a yellow overlay, as shown in Illustration 12.2.

The player clicks on the region where he wants the reinforcement, and this region now has an orange overlay, as in Illustration 12.3 below. It still possible to unselect the region by clicking at any moment and any number of times to another yellow-colored region. You can also right click on the region name in the window to open the inspector (see yellow circle

Illustration 12.3

To confirm the selection, click on the validate button. Once this is done, the choice cannot be undone.

C / Case of Leaders

Leaders can also be received as reinforcements, either alone or with other units. Procedure is identical as the one described above.

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