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El-Alamein 1941


This is the Afrika Korps El Alamein scenario, the attack by the Commonwealth commanded by Montgomery in November 1942. After the successes of the Axis advance into Egypt, the Commonwealth forces stopped Rommel at El Alamein. Commonwealth forces were then reinforced and prepared for another attack.

  • The Commonwealth forces are stronger and led by General Montgomery with tanks that are comparable to German tanks, and the air force and artillery are very powerful.
  • The Axis led by Rommel have high morale German troops, but the Italian Infantry still suffers from limited mobility. They must block the enemy attacks, and prevent a Commonwealth breakthrough

The scenario starts with the Commonwealth forces prepared to attack. Can the Axis hold position? Can the Commonwealth break through? Can Rommel be pushed back?

Be careful of the supply lines for the Commonwealth, as early success can outrun your supply!

The game Cards and Events allow full replay ability thanks to the numerous various situations that they create on the environmental, diplomatic, military, or political fields.


Duration: 2h00
Favored Side: Commonwealth
Most Difficult Side to Play: Commonwealth

The El Alamein scenario lasts 6 turns with each turn representing 2 weeks, starting November 1, 1942.

The Commonwealth player always plays first.

The Commonwealth forces include British, Indian, Australian, New Zealand, South African, Free French, Greek and RAF units.
The Axis forces include German Army, Italian Army, Luftwaffe and Regia Aeronautica units.


The map represents northern Africa, from Tripoli to the Nile and Suez Canal. There are two Theaters: Libya and Egypt.

Many Italian Metropolitan Infantry units are limited to a strip of land 2-3 regions from the coast, usually those with main roads and adjacent [the Coastal Road]

Regions that cannot be entered in the scenario (usually in the south) are grayed out.



The Commonwealth player wins if he controls the city of Mersa Matruh, in supply.
The Axis player wins if he controls El Alamein at any time.

Otherwise, the player with the most Victory Points at the end of the scenario wins the game.


The Commonwealth player earns 1VP for the first time El Ramman is controlled.
The Commonwealth player earns 1VP for the first time Yidma is controlled.
The Commonwealth player earns 1VP for the first time El Maghra is controlled.
The Commonwealth player earns 1VP for the first time Maaten Baggush is controlled.
The Axis player earns 5 VP for the first time El Alamein. is controlled.
The Axis player earns 5 VP if Mersa Matruh is controlled at the end of the game.
The Axis player earns 3 VP if Fuka is controlled at the end of the game.
The Axis player earns 3 VP if Maaten Baggush is controlled at the end of the game.

Each side receives 1VP for each enemy Armored unit destroyed.


Neither player receives scheduled reinforcements in this scenario.
They may receive some new units (e.g. trenches, depots, mines or obstacles) via the use of cards.


Most Italian Metropolitan and Blackshirt, non-motorized, Infantry have their movement restricted and limited to locations with main roads or adjacent to them (which are usually
2-3 regions from the coast). They are identified with an Italian shield on the unit.SGS Italian home icon

Exceptions are local units such as 1 Sibelle, 2 Pescatori, 3 Gennaio, 61 Sirte, 62 Marmanica, 63 Cirenne.

All replacements and constructions are handled by cards.

There are two cards drawn each turn in this game, and players may keep up to 10 of them in hands.

– For the Commonwealth units: Alexandria,
– For the Italian units: Tripoli.

Both sides benefit from a partial fog of war, i.e. the player cannot see what an enemy stack contains (only a flag is displayed on those). To observe the enemy content, you need to play a Reconnaissance card (Air or Land).

Only Armor and Leaders can initiate a Breakthrough.

Mechanized units, Artillery, some motorized units and Fighters, Fighter-Bombers and Dive-Bombers Air units may accompany a breakthrough.


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