SGS Rules

Game Turn

Game Phases

A SGS game is a turn-based game where each side play after the other, in a set of sequences called phases. The whole of possible phases (as listed below) may not be fully present in a given scenario. Some can be absent or they can be present only on certain turns (e.g. frequently the income phase, if present, will be played only every even turns). Possible phases are the following:

  •  Turn Summary (after Turn 1)
  •  Cards and Events
  •  Reinforcements
  •  Supply
  •  Air Movement (Offensive)
  •  Land Movement
  •  Battles (and Breakthroughs)
  •  Second Air Movement (Defensive)
  •  Sieges
  •  Replacements
  •  End of Turn
  •  End of Game


Carl Nebel - Bombardment of Vera Cruz
Carl Nebel – Bombardment of Vera Cruz. American-mexican war.
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