SGS Rules


Each game turn may have an Events Phase as the first phase of the turn. There may be turns without Events though.

Events require usually no action from the player except reading their description, then closing the Event page (which looks like a newspaper – see Illustration 10.1 below) to move on.

SGS Afrika Korps - Menu
Illustration 10.1


Events have their effects, whether one-time or long-lasting and/or repetitive described in the event text. You can always see past events from the game by putting your mouse over the date section of the interface, in the top right. A dropdown list will appear with all visible events already occurred displayed, and the side(s) they affected. See Illustration 10.2 below.

SGS Afrika Korps - Events
Illustration 10.2


At this stage, you can leave the mouse over the Events’ titles a few second to see, in a tooltip, the complete description of the event (the same that was displayed in the newspaper window of the first occurrence). See Illustration 10.3 below.

SGS Afrika Korps - Events
Illustration 10.3


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