SGS Rules

Hints and Tips

Will be filled progressively with the development of the player’s community. A few key ones are presented here.


Keep your leader(s) with your strongest stack, especially those who give attack or defense factor boosts. The Axis side has only Rommel (so don’t lose him). The Commonwealth has 3 (O’Connor, Richie and Monty), the first and last being better, although still inferior to Rommel.


In difficult terrain, keep your stacks within the maximum stacking allowance, and try to keep logistical units with them to use in case of isolation.
If you plan to move deep into enemy territory, beware of supply lines for your stack, or make sure sufficient logistical units are included with them, and that your lines are well guarded and protected.
Remember Recon units are fast and have the ability to penetrate around and move through your lines, so beware and protect your logistical units.

Coordination of movements

Try to move forces behind enemy stacks if you can, in particular forces that are not too important but good enough to cut supply and retreat lines. This can do sometimes more damage than a battle.
Don’t forget battles prevent further movement through the battle areas, so beware of the order in which you plan and time your moves, as you could find out that stacks behinds your lines are prevented to move their full allowance by battles generated by your forward units.

Order of Resolution of movements and battles

Always resolve those battles where there is a possibility for you to retreat.
Also resolve those where the enemy won’t have many (or any) retreat options, as in case of his defeat, total annihilation could be your reward. Remember that retreat is not allowed on to the region where the attacker comes from, enemy regions or regions with yet unresolved battles.


Never put yourself deliberately out of supply, unless this guarantees some serious damage to the enemy (e.g. cutting his supply lines). If you plan some risky move ahead, take logistical units along, they do marvel to grant you the extra one or two turns needed to reach or capture the next supply source.


Carl Nebel -  Battle of Cerro Gordo
Carl Nebel – Battle of Cerro Gordo. American-mexican war.
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