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Fleet Commander Pacific Kickstarter campaign

SGS lead designer also working on Pacific Grand Strategy Naval Wargame. Philippe Thibaut, in charge of SGS, is also the main designer of a brand new grand strategy simple but challenging naval wargame in the Pacific, 41-45 : Fleet Commander. The first title will be on Steam next March, and you can support it from now (and get a good …

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Interview on Strategy and Wargaming

Here is an useful link for those wanting to read a bit. You'll find on the website Strategy and Wargaming a new interview about SGS, the development of the serie, and who is Philippe Thibaut ! Interview with Philippe Thibaut - Creating Europa Universalis, AGEod and SGS

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New schedule for SGS releases in 2022

A quick update to inform you about new release dates for several SGS titles currently in production : SGS Glory Recalled : January 2022 SGS Fall Weiss: summer 2022 SGS Taipings: mid 2022 SGS Korean War: early summer 2022 SGS NATO's Nightmare : late 2022 Also, another update on the store. Some games had a name change, designed to better …

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Release of SGS Operation Hawaii

What-if the Japanese had executed their secret plan to invade Oahu? SGS Operation Hawaii is releasing now, on this symbolic day. It is the first time we make a simulation of what could have existed at the time. Explore new situations with this new installment of the SGS series. We also used the opportunity to improve all other games of …

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SGS Operation Hawaii : gameplay videos

Here are five gameplay videos explaining and showing in details this new wargame simulating an hypothetical japanese invasion of Oahu at the time of the attack on Pearl Harbor. This gameplay and explanation video presents the Options feature added to the new game SGS Operation Hawaii (the 'What-if' story of Japanese land attack on Oahu in 1941). How to move …

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Release of SGS Heia Safari

The Great War in Africa Looking to get "Out of Africa" or play your "African Queen"...try this new SGS release... Heia Safari ! SGS Heia Safari is available now, 103 years after the historical outcome and surrender. It recreate the only campaign where forces of Imperial Germany fought victoriously till the end (and beyond, surrendering 2 weeks after the official …

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Fleet Commander Pacific - Kickstarter

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Some update on our store, some games had also a name change, designed to better reflect their content.

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SGS - Glory Recalled

The Assault on Hong Kong - December 1941.

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January 2022.
SGS Glory Recalled
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