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On the 84th Anniversary of the start of WW2, we are releasing SGS Fall Weiss, the game covering the campaign in Poland in 1939, which started the operations of this epic conflict.
The game will offer the grand campaign covering everything, but smaller scenarios like the battle of the Bzura or the Soviet Invasion.

Initially designed as a basic SGS strategic game, the project was taken over by Laurent, the designer of SGS NATO's Nightmare, and some of the refinements from that game were ported inside this new title, in order to reflect the critical aspects of this first campaign of the Blitzkrieg period.

Check the special rules of SGS Fall Weiss to find out more.

New on SGS website: we've added a Video tutorials page in the SGS Rules section to make it easier to find our gameplay videos.

From our Dev blog

SGS Fall Weiss : video tutorials

Here are several video tutorials presenting the mechanisms of the upcoming SGS Fall Weiss. Available this 1st september on Steam.

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Units preview for SGS Fall of France 1940

Here is a quick preview of some graphics of the soldiers used for various units in this future SGS wargame on the subject of the Battle of France. SGS Fall Weiss is opening a new series of at least four SGS titles: SGS Fall Weiss, SGS France 1940, SGS Norway 1940 and SGS Balkans 1940-1941. These will incorporate most of …

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Specific rules for SGS Fall Weiss

There is a new set of rules for our upcoming wargame on the invasion of Poland. Here is the introduction of this document. These rules apply specifically to the SGS Fall Weiss game. They are in addition to the basic rules presented in the video tutorials, or to the rules available in French and English in the Afrika Korps …

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SGS Battle for Stalingrad : new translations

The first game of the SGS Battles Series has been officially localized in Chinese by our usual expert translator, Wang, a seasoned wargamer. You'll find SGS Battle for Stalingrad here on Steam. Japanese and Korean also added (although not proofread yet).

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Preorder System - Upcoming wargame

SGS - We The People

SGS We The People is a complete stand-alone game that covers the American Revolutionary war from April 1775 to September 1783.

$29.99 $22.50

SGS We The People
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