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Kickstarters backers of SGS Battles Series have already received their keys by email when the campaign was over. If you have not received it, please first check your spam box. If nothing appears there, please contact us by email to claim your order confirmation and key again.

SGS Fall Weiss: last development phase progressing fast now, a new version with many changes will be available next week. See our blog for a few new screenshots. We're entering the final phase, with release still scheduled for September 1.

SGS We The People: the game base is complete. All scenarios are created and being fully tested, AI scripts are progressively added. Extra content (cards, events, options) is also being added for atmosphere and historical chrome. The new concept of loyalty, essential for this type of conflict, is under conceptual development and coding.

Other work in Progress: the new battles series titles beyond Stalingrad are progressing: Hue, Madrid and Fort Donelson are well advanced. More are following. Work on SGS Spain At War continues and new version shall be ready for testing late August.

New on SGS website: we've improved our Press page to include a selection of several useful gameplay videos available from different YouTube channels reviewing our games.

From our Dev blog

SGS - Fall Weiss : new screenshots

Here is a new batch of screenshots for this upcoming wargame on the first Blitzkrieg, in Poland, in September 1939. SGS Fall Weiss is currently In production in our P300 program.

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Release of SGS Battle for Stalingrad

SGS Battle for Stalingrad The most emblematic East Front battle of WW2 The first game of the SGS Battles Series is releasing today on Steam, simulating the epic battle for the city of Stalingrad in the Autumn of 1942. Take command of the attackers of the German 6th Army to seize the city that will give you control of the …

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SGS Battle For Stalingrad : video tutorials

Here are several video tutorials presenting the mechanisms of the upcoming SGS Battle For Stalingrad. Available tomorrow on Steam.

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SGS Battle for Stalingrad : trailer

Here is a new trailer for this upcoming wargame on the subject of this famous battle. Enjoy ! SGS Battle for Stalingrad is planned for July 20, 2023.

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SGS NATO's Nightmare : summer 2023 major update

Before we go any further, thank you all for your support! The game has been a success that continues to prove itself. As promised at the time of release, updates to fix what needs fixing, to improve the advanced game and the base game, and to add content (without DLC, free to all who own the game) will continue to …

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Preorder System - Upcoming wargame

SGS - Fall Weiss

The first Blitzkrieg - Poland, September 1939.

$24.99 $18.99

Planned release date: september 1st 2023
SGS Fall Weiss

SGS - We The People

A complete stand-alone game that covers the American Revolutionary war from April 1775 to September 1783.

$24.99 $18.00

Planned release date: october 2023.
SGS We The People
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