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Winter 2022 SGS major update

In anticipation of the upcoming release of SGS Glory Recalled (the Battle for Hong Kong in 1941) on next February 10th, on Steam, we have brought the following changes, improvements and fixes were to the engine, applicable to all already released games and covering the following points. IMPROVEMENTS (Retreat) Major rework of retreat system. Retreating units are no longer able …

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SGS Glory Recalled : Gameplay videos

We've made several videos explaining the gameplay of our games. Showing the start of a scenario or campaign and giving explanations on several mechanisms, either specific to each title or concerning the main rules. Check these videos on our YouTube channel, or the first part here, or for instance directly this following playlist for SGS Glory Recalled : …

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SGS Glory Recalled : trailer

Here is a new trailer showing many details about this upcoming SGS game simulating the Japanese assault on Hong Kong in December 1941. SGS Glory Recalled is in Production. Release expected the 13th of january (on Avalon and one month later on Steam). In the meantime, you can also check the fact sheet for the campaign.

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Preorder System

SGS Preorders
Some update on our store, some games had also a name change, designed to better reflect their content.

Upcoming wargames

SGS - Taïpings

The Taïpings Revolt - China 1853-1867.

$24.99 $18.99

Planned release : mid 2022.
SGS Taipings
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