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Release of SGS Pacific D-Day

Five key battles of the Marines 1943-1945. Semper Fi! The latest game of the SGS series is releasing today on Steam, offering you to discover 5 epic amphibious landings and battles of the war in the Pacific: Tarawa (1943), Saipan (1944), Tinian (1944), Peleliu (1944) and Iwo Jima (1945). Fight with the valiant Marines or take command of the determined …

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SGS Korean War : new screenshots

Coming this year, SGS Korean War will take you to the Far East, replaying the first "hot" conflict of the Cold War. The game is now well advanced in the beta testing of the grand campaign, and once that stage is fulfilled, the other scenarios (there will be half a dozen of them) will be implemented. If you are interested, …

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SGS Pacific D-Day : fact sheets

As for previous titles, the fact sheets describing the five scenarios included in this upcoming title are now available on our website. These documents are currently in PDF  (+/- 250 ko) and will also be later added in our Rules section. Use these links or from the game page : SGS Pacific D-Day - Iwo Jima, SGS Pacific D-Day - …

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SGS Pacific D-Day : Gameplay videos

We've made several videos explaining the gameplay of this upcoming wargame. Essentially giving explanations on several mechanisms, either specific to each title or concerning the main rules. Check these videos on our YouTube channel, or the first part here, or for instance directly this following playlist for SGS Pacific D-Day : SGS Pacific D-Day is currently In …

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SGS Pacific D-Day : trailer

Here is a new trailer showing details about this upcoming SGS game offering five scenarios on famous battles fought by the US Marines (Iwo Jima, Taipan, Tarawa, Tinian and Peleliu). SGS Pacific D-Day is currently In Production and will be released the 28 april 2022 on Steam. See also SGS Pacific D-Day in our online shop.

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SGS - Spain at War

SGS Spain at War is a complete standalone game that covers the Spanish Civil war from July 1936 to April 1939.

$29.99 $22.50

Planned release : mid 2022.
SGS Spain at War
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